Govt must settle retrospective taxation issue: Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal

In a Q&A, he also says there is need to project that India is not averse to companies making profits


Without Further AdoThe Budget

Without further ado, here is the budget:

Monthly Payment Balance Interest rate
total payments 4738
taxes 272 1218.06
house 800 5%
power 120
cable 55
cell 380
water 65
food/gas 800
geico 166
student loan 0 14286.14
student loan 10 749.35
Amazon 25 98.32 26.24%

Walmart 25 160.29 25.7%

Belk 25 194.47 24.49%
Kohls 25 278.3 24.24%
Lane bryant 27 350 27.24%
Credit One 25 372.12 20.65%
Credit One 25 411.42 20.65%
USAA 16 499.78 22.15%
Merrick 51 1455.29 26.45%
barkelys 50 1506.93 25.24%
Capital 1 40 1706.73 7.4%
Capital 1 50 1750 23.4%
Capital 1 60 1800 21.4%
Personal Loan 1 80 2505.10

Capital 1 75 3230.03 7.4%
Credit Union Credit Card 235 7755.61 8.5%
Personal Loan 2 244 7838.01 10.75%
car 484 31575.6 3.75%
truck 508 32217.51 3.75%
total debt 111959.06


Husband and I get paid on alternate weeks. My hourly wage is $20.40 an hour, with a few hours of overtime each pay period. His hourly wage is $13.91 an hour, with not much overtime. He also carries the health insurance for the family.

Our take home is around $1150 every two weeks for me and $650 every two weeks for my husband. That is with very little overtime. We are trying to build up our overtime to increase our income. I am up for my annual review with a raise promised from last year, and I am allowed at this time to get 5 hours a week overtime. This will increase as the weather gets colder. My husband’s overtime has been unreliable in the last few months, but he is trying to get as much as he can.

I also have 2 401k loans coming out of my paycheck that will be paid off within the next 8 months, so my income will go up there approximately $100 a paycheck. I also plan on canceling my AFLAC accident and cancer policy’s when open enrollment happens in October. That will add another $60 per paycheck back into my check. After all is said and done, the only thing that will come out of our checks is taxes, and health insurance.

With the paychecks falling every week, the house payment, personal loans, and vehicles are paid every week. The above budget and income are based on 4 pay periods. Theextra 5th paychecks that come every few months don’t count for us, asthe major bills are paid right off thetop for 52 weeks a year, not 12 monthly payments. It gets them paid off faster, and for less interest.

The cell phonebillis huge I know. It has too many tablets on there, that we are making payments on. I called Verizon, and the only thing we can do is pay off the devices, and turn them off. I should be able to knock of $55 on the bill within3 months, and other $55 off the bill in about 7 months. My cell andmy husbands are not due tobe paid offfor 13 payments, and we have one more tablet on there, but it has 18 payments left.

That’s it.Like I havesaid in my previous posts, we are not walking away from one dime we owe. We will figure out how to pay thisall off.One dollar at a time.

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